GDEFY by Gravity Defyer Ion

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The absolute best shoe

The best shoe I have ever worn with my plantars. The absolute best!!! I wish they made a narrow width but almost no one does in a size 11.

Love these shoes.

I have been a hair stylist for over 20 years and am just starting with culinary school and I love these shoes. This willl be my 3rd pair I will be buying and they have held up pretty decently. They help with my feet, legs and back while in the salon or the kitchen. I'm so happy I found them.


I love my new shoes and want another pair. I wear mine everyday to work and my body doesn't hurt has much when I get off. There is nothing about these shoes that I don't like .....

SO sturdy but comfortable

I have the worst feet on the planet. I must wear custom orthotics to avoid pain, so the only shoes that work for me have to have removable inserts. I also walk for exercise, so I have to have really sturdy walking shoes - no mesh, just solid leather. I have been wearing Brooks Addiction for a few years at the recommendation of my podiatrist, and they're great, but I wanted to try something new. I splurged on these - they're VERY expensive - but I'm glad I did because the minute I put them on I knew it was worth it. The comfort and foot stability is incredible, my orthotics fit inside perfectly, and I feel like I'm walking with a bounce in my step despite the shoes themselves NOT being lightweight. They are actually kind of clunky with a thick, chunky heel that is a good 2-3", but yet still look kind of cool and stylish despite it. They don't look like "old lady shoes" to me like SAS or similar brands. Overall, I think these may end up being the best and most comfortable walking shoes this bad-footed person will ever own!

Close to Perfect Shoe

I purchased this shoe from Gravity Defyer Ion. The shoe makes my legs, hips and back feel better while walking. The shoe is too high and I have a difficult time getting up from a seated position while wearing them. I have had a problem with the bottom layer of the soul coming loose. I have had to glue the bottoms back on after the second wearing and again after the 5th wearing in a different location. Exercise time is my favorite time to wear these shoes because they add bounce to my step.

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