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hälsa – (Means Health in Swedish)

Transform your daily life with every step!

We began the design of hälsa by anatomically designing an insole using Equilibrium+ technology to define comfort and support to a new level.

Equilibrium+ technology is an innovative ergonomically orthotic insole designed in Europe with noble metal layers that helps prevent bacteria, arch instability, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, pronation and promote proper alignment while maintaining stability on every step you take.

This technology delivers silver and copper ions when organisms land or form. These ions continually release to safely eliminate microbes that cause odor, bacteria growth and material degradation.  In addition, we use Agion to help with freshness, controlling bacteria, fungus and foot odor.

Every pair of hälsa shoes have cushioning for shock absorption, heel cups for proper alignment of ankle, knee, back and arch support to help relieve the inflammation and pain of plantar fasciitis. 

The result is an innovative collection of lightweight, casual footwear that is supportive, flexible, and comfortable.

The hälsa construction:

Ultralight footbeds, outsoles along with anti-slip sole of X-Cell™, based on EVA and Rubber of for great absorption of impacts that cushions each step, provides a sensation of relief in feet, knees and back.

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