Shoes for Flat Feet

Flat Feet

The Walking Co offers a wide range of shoes for flat feet.They include specially designed features such as:

  • Arch support to help keep feet in a neutral position by managing pronation 
  • Firm heel counter to offer stability and control  
  • Firm but cushioned insole for comfort and support
  • Many feature laces or velcro straps to help keep your foot from slipping around and to help gait issues


"Most Comfortable Shoes"

I have extremely flat feet and constant pain in my ankles when I walk. These are the most supportive and most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. Will be purchasing more!



These are the second Dansko pair of shoes that I have bought. I have flat feet and need a comfortable supporting shoe. I bought these because they are just that plus they look great on my feet.

-Irene Chaaffee

"HEAVEN on my awful flat feet"

I am elated that right out of the box, these sandals are pure heaven on my awful, FLAT feet. I also have a tendon issue on the right, that needs reconstruction, and these sandals are allowing me to not have it.


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Treating Flat Feet

Treating Flat Feet

What Causes Flat Feet?

Having flat feet is a very common condition. Sometimes it’s caused because the arch of the foot did not develop in childhood, in which case, it’s often called flexible flatfoot, and it’s usually not painful. However, if you are an active person or are just on your feet a lot, it’s important to wear the right shoes for flat feet in order to have proper support and prevent injuries. In adulthood, if you begin to develop flat feet, this is known as having fallen arches and can be caused by regular wear-and-tear or other factors such as weight gain, pregnancy, injury, diabetes, or arthritis.

Next Steps

Even if having flat feet doesn’t cause any pain, it leaves you open to injury, especially if you are an active person, since people with flat feet tend to pronate, which means that the foot collapses inward each time they take a step. Here are some steps you can take to prevent injury and reduce pain if you have flatfoot: 

Wear Properly Fitting Shoes For Flat Feet

Stability running shoes often have features that prevent pronation as well as lots of cushioning.  


Some people have fallen arches due to a shortened Achilles tendon, so stretching can be very helpful.

Do Exercises For Flat Feet

Many people don’t realize this, but there are a lot of tiny muscles in your feet, and exercising them can help prevent injuries. Try doing exercises like heal raises, toe lifts, or picking up a towel with your feet. 

Buy Arch Support Insoles For Flat Feet

Sometimes you can swap the factory insoles of your shoes for arch support inserts in casual shoes.

Shop Orthotic Insole for Flat Feet

We’re Here to Help

The Walking Co offers a wide range of shoes for flat feet. They included specially designed features such as:  

  • Arch support to help keep feet in a neutral position by managing pronation
  • Firm heel counter to offer stability and control
  • Firm but cushioned insole for comfort and support 
  • Many feature laces or velcro straps to help keep your foot from slipping around and to help gait issues 

For many people with flat feet, getting the right shoes with proper support is the key to help injury prevention and pain relief. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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