Shoes for Hammer Toe

Hammer Toe

The Walking Co offers a wide range of the best shoes for hammer toe. They include specially designed features such as:

  • Roomy toe box to accomodate the toes and help reduce pressure on the foot   
  • Cushioned insole for shock absorption
  • Stretchable uppers reduces friction and discomfort 


"Great for bunions and hammer toes and very attractive too"

I have a terrible time finding sandals because of severe bunions and hammer toes. I need the straps in the front to lie loosely below my hammer toes and also to be loose enough to not rub against my bunions. These sandals' adjustable straps allow me to do this. The first time I wore them, which I did all day, I was completely comfortable and didn't have any rubbing anywhere.I like them so much I've ordered them in another color.


"Comfortable Shoes for Hammer Toe"

So comfortable. And I like the look!
I have the walking sandals too.


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What is Hammer Toe?

Hammer toe or mallet toe is when the middle joint is bent on your second, third, or fourth toe, and your toe doesn’t naturally lie flat anymore. Hammer toe is caused by a muscle imbalance, usually due to wearing improper footwear, such as narrow or high heeled shoes, which put pressure on the toes and cause them to push against the shoe, although hammer toe can also be caused by injury or certain medical conditions. 


If hammer toe is just starting to develop, and you could still push your toe back down to the ground, this is known as flexible hammer toe, and you may be able to perform at-home treatments. To help reduce pain and and treat hammertoe, you can take the following steps: 

Avoid Narrow and High Heeled Shoes

One of the best things you can do is buy a pair of shoes for hammer toe to help prevent further injury, and avoid wearing shoes that are narrow or high heeled. You may find that a pair of supportive sandals can also help reduce pain. 

Use Corn or Felt Pads

Use corn pads or felt pads to protect the affected toe.

Cold Compress

Regularly ice your foot to help reduce inflammation. 

Perform Exercises

Stretch you toe with your hand, and perform exercises such as picking up a towel with your toes.

Tape Your Toes

Try taping your toes to reduce the muscle imbalance. 

In severe cases, if the affected toe is rigid, and you can’t stretch it with you hand, it’s likely that you may need surgery and should consult your doctor.

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The Walking Co offers a wide range of the best shoes for hammer toe. They included specially designed features such as: 

  • Roomy toe box to accomodate the toes and help reduce pressure on the foot  
  • Cushioned insole for shock absorption 
  • Stretchable uppers reduces friction and discomfort   

For many people, getting the right shoes is the key to help alleviate pain and discomfort.    

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