Umberto Raffini Womens Short Boot

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Size: Medium
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Stitching Issue

I loooove these socks. They are the most comfortable socks I've ever worn, however the two pair I just ordered seemed to be badly stitched. I'm worried that this will be in issue when washing or just in normal wear.

Great sock

I have both colors. My daughter borrowed a pair and kept them because they work so well with boots.

Heavenly socks

If having a favorite pir of socks is a thing...these are mine. Sadly I only purchased one pair but these were worth it. They are so soothing and feel like butter on my feet. They are not too thick not too thin...but just right. I love the color as it goes with anything.

Super soft but everything sticks to them

These socks are super soft and fit great, but EVERYTHING you step on sticks to them. They cannot be worn without shoes or slippers. I thought my floors at home were clean but every tiny piece of anything stuck to the socks the first time I wore them. I put them through the wash and about half of the bits of dirt came off. I wore them a second time and the same thing happened. I havent worn them since.

Love the softness of this sock

These are the softest socks I have ever had. I have MS and it affects my feet, these socks are nicely cushioned.

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