KLLY Lunar

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KLLY Lunar


Step into Kelly Slater’s world with the Lunar. Developed by the 11x world surf champion, the Lunar is the most comfortable sandal he - and you - has ever worn. The Lunar is your everyday sandal: whether you’re heading to the beach or running errands, the Lunar will take you every step of the way in comfort and style.

Kelly wouldn’t wear just any sandal, and neither should you. The Lunar is designed with your body and the earth in mind. Meticulously crafted by our experts, the Lunar is made with sustainable BLOOM materials and developed to protect your body’s natural alignment.

The Lunar’s unique design is inspired by Kelly’s interest in the connection between turtles and the moon. The footbed mimics the moon’s surface, and the outsole reflects the turtle's 13 inner & 28 outer shell segments. With the Lunar, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.    

• Made from recycled sources & BLOOM, a sustainable base made from algae. 
• Sizing is in men's sizes. 

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