ABEO MXV Shift Metatarsal

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Size: 6
Width: M
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Almost Perfect

I have major issues with both of my feet (big toe fusion in one foot, plantar plate tear in the other foot). These shoes really help to reduce the pain when I’m walking. They offer great support and cushion, very much like the Hoka Bondi, but MUCH better looking :) The cons: I wish these came in a narrow option, as they are really quite wide.; the arch support is not great, so I have to use my own orthotics.

Achilles Tendonitis

I purchased these sneakers for waitressing. I have plantar fasciitis and need an arch support. They are great for that problem, but I also have achilles tendonitis. The back of the shoes come up quite far and press on the tendon, causing soreness and pain. If you don't have issues with your achilles tendon, then these sneakers are great. The toe box is very roomy and I could have probably sized down 1/2 size. To solve my problem, I put a heel lift under the insole. I'm hoping these will help me make it through my double shifts pain free.

You need these sneakers!!!

Recently bought these shoes and I am IN LOVE with how comfortable they are. The arch support fits perfectly for my feet and keeps me on balance when I'm out on walks!

MXV Shift Metatarsal Sneakers

I do a lot of power walking and find these sneakers very comfortable! In addition, these sneakers provide a significant amount of support for my feet and ankles. I am suggesting these for my walker friends! Thank you for developing a sneaker giving me so much comfort for one of my favorite pastimes! Looking forward to my next pair!

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