Shoes for Heel Spurs

Heel Spurs

The Walking Co offers a wide selection of the best shoes for heel spurs to help provide relief. They include specially designed features such as:

  • Deep heel cup designed for comfort and balance   
  • A firm heel counter, which offers stability
  • Arch support that evenly distributes weight across the foot
  • Cushioning to absorb shock and help to reduce impact


"The only shoe I wear after plantar facitis surgery,heel spurs, tarsal tunnel and cysts in my feet"

Best shoes, I wear them for everything I do. I have high arches and they are the most comfortable.


"These shoes are great for heel spurs and plantar fasciitis!"

I have purchased these, and they are the only shoes that have improved my plantarfasciitis, I would say by 90%. They actually have springs built into the heels. They have been a life saver, and I can now walk pain free, all day!!!


"Bone Spur Comfort"

I think I have a bone spur; suddenly a sharp pain on the ball of my foot and a little bony protrusion on my heel. So, I bought these shoes until I can see a doctor. Theyre the only shoes Im wearing for now because theyre
the only thing I get comfort in.


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What Are Heel Spurs?

Heel spurs are calcium deposits that create a bony outgrowth on the heel, which occur over a long period of time, such as months or years. They are caused by the body’s response to stress and strain placed on ligaments and tendons. Many people have heel spurs and don’t notice them. When they are painful, it feels similar to plantar fasciitis, and some people notice a sharp pain first thing in the morning that becomes more dull throughout the day. There are also people with heel pain who have heel pain and think they have heel spurs but actually don’t. The only way of knowing for sure is by going to your doctor and getting an x-ray.


Here are a few steps to help mitigate the pain associated with heel spurs: 

Wear Proper Shoes

Wearing shoes for heel spurs with a cushioned heel will help to mitigate the stress on the plantar fascia. 

Use Ice For Your Heel

Icing your heel can help reduce pain and inflammation. 


Perform stretching exercises, especially ones that stretch your calves, feet, and ankles. 

In some severe cases, you may need surgery. It’s important to consult your doctor to assess your options.

We’re Here to Help

The Walking Co offers a wide selection of the best shoes for heel spurs designed to help you recover. They included specially designed features such as: 

  • Deep heel cup designed for comfort and balance  
  • A firm heel counter, which offers stability
  • Arch support that evenly distributes weight across the foot
  • Cushioning to absorb shock and help to reduce impact 

For many people, getting the right shoes with proper support is the key to help alleviate pain and discomfort. We’re here to support you every step of the way.  

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