Shoes for Bunions


The Walking Co offers a wide range ofthebestshoesforbunions.Theyhavespecially designed features such as:

  • Wide toe box to allow the toes to spread out and reduce pressure 
  • Arch support to help evenly distribute weight across the feet 
  • Flexible & stretchable material prevents rubbing and irritation 
  • Cushioning for shock absorption and improved comfort 


"Best shoes for sore feet"

Have joint pain, bunions , and corns and these shoes work better - instantly- than my usual Dansco clogs. Love the color, (walnut)and the wide foot bed, yet more narrow around ankle. Good walking shoe. Using insert that came with it, but you could remove this insert and add your own.


"Excellent shoes for bad knees"

I bought these to help with my low back and knee pain. I also have a large bunion. The bunion causes a lot of burning, however, the shoes are excellent and help me get to my destinations in my worn out mail carrier body. Thank you for these.


"Love, love..."

I’m in love! These are fantastic, great support and comfortable! I have small bunions, big toe arthritis and had no issues.


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Bunions Treatment

What Causes Bunions?

Bunions are a common condition that affects one in three Americans. Bunions can be caused by a number of factors including the shape of the foot, gait, and health conditions. Usually one of the main reasons bunions develop is due to excessive pressure being repeatedly applied to the foot over a long period of time, which can be caused by wearing shoes that are too tight and too narrow, such as a high-heeled shoe with a pointed toe, for example. This creates a large bump on the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint, which becomes pushed out of alignment. 


If the bunions are already quite severe, they can only be fully corrected with surgery. However, if you catch bunions early on, you can improve your condition and start healing. Regardless of how developed your bunion is, here are some steps you can take to help with pain relief: 

  • Wear a pair of shoes with a wide toe box. Wearing the right shoes helps to evenly distribute weight across the feet, eliminate pressure on the big toe, and reduce pain and irritation.
  • Wear felt or foam pads on the bunion to help reduce pain and irritation. You can also use a spacer between you big toe and your second toe.
  • Stretch your calves, as this can help improve the alignment of your feet.
  • If you have flat feet or need arch support, you may want to try wearing a supportive insert.

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At The Walking Co, we’re passionate about helping people recover from plantar fasciitis, which is why we offer a whole line of shoes dedicated to help relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis. They include specifically designed features such as: 

  • Arch support to help more evenly distribute pressure across the foot
  • Special heel padding that reduces shock
  • Rigid heel cup and arch that offers stability and helps prevent pronation

For many people, finding the right shoes is the key to start healing, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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