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Fighting Foot Fatigue with Cushioning and Orthotic Support

Many of us suffer from foot and leg muscle fatigue after a long day of work or household tasks. Luckily, there are many solutions to reduce muscle fatigue to keep a spring in your step no matter what your daily activities are. 

Cushioning is a great way to reduce foot muscle fatigue and discomfort, and it feels great, too! Scientific studies show that shoes with soft cushioning, adding cushioned insoles in your shoes, or standing on a cushioned mat reduce discomfort in workers. In general, cushioned insoles are more slightly effective than standing on cushioned floors or mats. Additional reductions in foot, leg, and back pain can occur when your insole includes arch and heel support.

When your body is fatigued, you are at greater risk of loss of balance.

Fatigue-related falls are a major cause of injury and sick/injury days off at the workplace. Orthotic support is a great way to improve your balance when your leg muscles are fatigued. For the optimum response, combine a supportive orthotic with a soft cushioned layer for comfort. You have the option to use your orthotic insert for your entire day or only when your feet and legs begin to feel fatigued. 

Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, or Guillan Barre may increase the amount of foot fatigue you feel in a day. Orthotic support is also shown to reduce the amount of foot fatigue for individuals with these medical conditions. 

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