Dansko Paisley

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These are the most comfortable tennies I have ever had!!!

I added elastizied shoe laces for ease of putting them on. Can't say enough good things about this shoe. Very comfortable even with bunyons and love the non slip feature. I have 2 and am waiting for a sale to pick up a 3rd pair. Highly recommend these. I have tried other styles from Dansko and from other manufacturers but these are the only ones that truly are comfortable even after 10 hours on my feet. Love these!!

Millions of miles (it seems)

I have worn these nearly every day since 11/21 for my exercise walks (2-5 miles depending on the time allowable). They're still going strong and they're very comfortable on my almost-wide foot. I swapped out the laces for purple to match the stitching and they lift my spirits every time I put them on.

Great work shoe for custodians

I work at an elementary school as a custodian. These are the best shoes I have ever had for work. They keep my feet dry, we use a lot of water. The best part is they are very non slip. I am not saying you will never slip but so much better than athletic shoes. Really helped with feet and back pain as we are on our feet for 8 hours a day. So reccomend these to anyone who has to work on their feet all day. Buying a new pair again soon.

I love love love these! Great fit!

I bought these for hikes where I my feet may get wet or when it may rain. SHOES rarely to never fit me out of the box. I have needs for a med arch and lots of toe room. These give me both. I also have a hard time with heels slipping and for a size 6 shoe these were perfect. I wear a slightly thicker or hiking specific sock with these. For size comparison I usually wear a size 5 1/2 in a sandle and 6 in a sneaker.

Dansko Paisley

Love these shoes!Purchased mine in Dec 2021 and wear them almost everyday and they still look new. I originally bought them because of Hx plantar fasciitis. I also have metatarsalia and have custom arch supports. Very easy to take out Dansko arch support and insert new customs. Podiatrist and orthotics technician very impressed with fit and room in toe after inserting new custom orthotics. No need to buy new shoe.

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