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I just purchased this athletic shoe because of the style, color, and Abeo’s quality. I was able to walk around the first day for a few errands with no problem. The left shoe felt like it was sliding off for a bit, but after a few hours, my foot seems to have adjusted. I have Distal-Arthrogryposis joint deformity’s, so I have to be very careful in selecting footwear. This is my second pair of ABEO’S. I found this style to be a bit more comfortable. I like the lightness of the shoe and yet it’s very sturdy.

Very Cute, but Narrow mid-foot

These are really cute and appear to be well made, but for my foot I found it to be uncomfortably built up in the mid-foot area. If you remove the insert you'll see that the mid-foot/upper arch portion is very narrow. Adding the insert or orthotic just makes this worse. This could just be an issue for my foot, though. Since TWC has gone all-online it seems that the footbed design has changed in all of the shoes. Styles that used to be comfortable all now have an arch pad that (for me) extends too far toward the ball of the foot, which makes me feel like I have something wedged under my inner arch (Is this what they do for "post" orthotics?) I am so disappointed because I have always loved and lived in my WalkingCo shoes and I keep trying different styles, hoping I'll catch one that has the old style arch. (Plus, I really miss the stores!)

They're OK

This is my third pair of Abeo walking shoes. I like the Selah shoes but not as well as the previous two pairs I had. I don't recall what styles they were. I find that the Selah shoes aren't well ventilated so my feet feel damp after my walk so I remove them as soon as I get home. It doesn't matter which socks I wear with them. The other small annoyance is the shoelaces that came with them are way too long so I had to tie them in a double knot to keep them off the ground. I still had a pair of shoelaces from one of my other Abeo shoes so I changed them. I still love Abeo shoes and will continue buying this brand. They last for many, many miles of walking compared to the other less expensive brands I've purchased in years past.

Very Happy!

I stand on my feet all day long. I walk probably 5-6 miles a day after standing on my feet all day long. My feet were starting to hurt and I could not find any shoes that helped. A best friend told me about these shoes so I decided to look. The support team recommended 2 styles, I picked the Selah in Navy. I'm very pleased! My feet, legs no longer hurt. I have a narrow foot and the Medium fits perfect. They don't squeak when I walk. They feel like I'm walking on a cloud. So happy I found these. Please don't stop making this shoe. I might have to buy another pair and put them away in fear of it changing.

Abeo Selah shoes

These shoes were worth the wait. They fit my feet so well and just took the pain away. I was unsure about them because the abeo shoes I had purchased previously were phased out. This was a wonderful surprise. I like them better than the other brand of Abeo I purchases. I will order this style again. Thank you. My feet are very happy and pain free. 🙃

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