Abeo Pilar

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Size: 6
Width: M
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Womens Max Performance 2.0:}}:

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Probably a long-term quality shoe

I have a low volume foot with high&long arches, narrow heel, and average width toebox. There's nothing exciting about the shoe except it's quality in a general way. The footbed itself is firm without much cushioning allowing for good sensory of the ground. Footbed contact without inserts reminds me of a New Balance shoe in the heel (which sorry I don't like). Your cushioning will come from whatever insert is put in it. I'm always a fan of the Premium-Met insert, and would definitely need it here to fill up the volume. I could still wear thick socks if I wanted too. I ordered them to see what a shoe/insert combo would be like from TWC for me. Like many times the low volume feet are an issue. I just so badly always need the Met pad because of my arches and RA. So these are a no for me and I'll just keep trying.

Swimming in them

Even with premium orthotics and the extra pad they provided for taking up space, the shoes are too big. Not sure if it's the width or the length, but sending them back

Love these neutral colors!

I love these neutral colors so I can wear these to the office! Suffering with Plantar fasciitis and need comfortable shoes that are not obnoxiously bright like so many athletic shoes are these days. Can’t wait to try them out!

Color color color

Who picked the awful colors for these shoes?? They sound really nice but need some improved colors before I would even try.

Drab colors

I love my shoes but good grief can’t they make some fun colors? White with blue trim or grey with blue trim. These colors are just drab/boring.

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