ABEO Goleta II

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Comfortable Sandal

I have gone through 3 pairs of these sandals and am ready to buy my fourth. I find these to be extremely comfortable sandals. I can walk all day in these, and my feet never hurt!



Goleta sandals are great

I damaged my feet wearing stupid shoes out of pure vanity at a dressy formal event several years ago. The nerves on the balls of my feet have never completely recovered. But I can wear Abeo Goleta sandals all day with no issues. I just wish they would go on sale once in a while. 130.00 for sandals is a lot especially when you need them in different colors but they really are good !

Perfect for vacation!!!

I purchased these prior to my vacation to Florida. I love Abeo brand and have not been disappointed in the support and comfort I get wearing their orthotic shoes. Same with the Goleta. I walked all day , over 3 days in Hollywood florida, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. We shopped, went to the beach everything and my feet never ached or got tired. This shoe is lightweight and very comfortable, I plan to wear these while in Vegas next month. A must buy!

Abeo Comfort

Abeo sandals and sneakers are the best fitting footwear for my aching metatarsal feet! I have been wearing the “Goleta II” Sandals and “Spiral” Sneakers for several years. I love them both equally. I can’t speak for “Post” individuals, but for me, Abeo footwear is the best!

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