The Walking Company Guarantee

Price Guarantee:

The Walking Company guarantees that if you purchase a pair of shoes at regular price from us and find them advertised for less within 15 days by a different authorized retailer, we will match that price or provide you triple the difference, up to $100.00, in store credit redeemable at any retail location of The Walking Company or online at Price guarantee is not valid on purchases in our Hawaii store locations or on sale or clearance product.

How do I prove I found an item 'advertised for less'?

Advertisement must be offer for in-stock product from authorized retailer of the brand in the United States. The same style and size and color of the item in question must be in-stock and available for purchase at the other authorized retailer within 15 days of original purchase from The Walking Company. Shipping charges and sales taxes (if any) will be included in the 'advertised for less' price to determine the price difference. Non-qualifying retailers/offers include but are not limited to auction sites, eBay, craigslist, online classifieds, retail club-offers, or going-out-of-business sales. There are multiple ways to show proof of a lower-priced advertisement: Within 15 days of your original purchase you can bring in an actual print advertisement, a facsimile/copy of an advertisement, a print out of an online offer, or even a photograph of a qualifying ad to any location of The Walking Company. You must also bring in your receipt of purchase from The Walking Company and provide your contact information on the "We Guarantee" Claim Form. You may also make a claim by calling Customer Service at 1 (800) 642-9265 with your order number, credit card number used for purchase, and information regarding where you found your shoes advertised for less. You will be required to mail in your original purchase receipt and provide contact information for the "We Guarantee" Claim Form in order to receive the Price Guarantee 'Credit Card'. Your receipt will be returned to you by mail along with the Price Guarantee 'Credit Card'. You may also be asked to mail or fax additional information regarding the 'advertised for less' offer.

How do we issue credit?

Once you have demonstrated that an item was advertised for less as determined above, you will be issued a card with credit at The Walking Company for 3 times the difference between the price you paid and the 'advertised for less' price, up to $100.00. (For example: If you found your shoes advertised for $10 less, you will receive a card valid for $30 of store credit at The Walking Company or Once you have been issued a Price Guarantee 'Credit Card' the shoes the price guarantee was claimed against are no longer valid for return or exchange. Price Guarantee 'Credit Cards' are valid for 6 months from date of issue at any retail location of The Walking Company or at Price Guarantee 'Credit Cards' cannot be redeemed for cash or gift cards, and are not valid for previous purchases, returns, or exchanges. Price Guarantee 'Credit Card' must be presented at time of purchase and can only be used one time.

The Walking Company store credit card, front The Walking Company store credit card, back