Abeo Destiny

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I bought them to wear with the ABEO sport orthotic that I love because it said it was an athletic shoe. After putting in the orthotic my heel slipped out with every step. Not made to go with ABEO sport orthotic obviously. They seem flimsily made as well. Not worth the price. So disappointed. Every time I go to replace my ABEO tennis shoes they don’t make them anymore and I have to try a shoe with a new name. What’s up with that?!

Abeo Destiny

Material is thin and unsupportive . Will not support your foot if that is what you are looking for. Been buying ABEO for years, very disappointed in this shoe.

Destiny Abeos

I wore my new Abeo Destiny athletic shoes to exercise class for the first time this morning. They are so comfortable and actually made my workout a much better and more effective experience! Thanks!

Worst shoe ever made by Abeo

I received these shoes yesterday, when I put them on they were much wider than a normal width. I decided to take them for a walk, at the end of the walk (less than a mile), I noticed that the sole of the shoe bends at an angle very near the top of the toe. This caused extreme pain over the walk. I also noticed that there is literally no lateral support in these shoes and the heel feels deeper than the toe portion. The sole is super flexible so if you have foot issues such as bunions this is NOT the shoe for you. When I got home from my walk I had to ice one of my feet as the outer side of the foot; the arch and the heal were in bad shape. It has been 24 hours and I still can't put full weight or take a natural step. Don't buy this shoe unless you have super healthy feet! The statement in the ad says "designed to support, align & balance your body", obviously this is not correct. Obeo please bring back the athletic Smart System design! Now that was an amazing shoe.

Slowest delivery ever

Buyer beware. I ordered these shoes on 4/1/22 and still have not received it as of 4/25/22. I finally received a notice that the shoe had been sent with an estimated delivery date of 4/25/22 but checking on FedEx site, the shoes haven't even been picked up by FedEx yet and are still in CA. I don't know what happened to this company. They used to have prompt delivery and wonderful products. Now it seems that all the stores have closed and customer service doesn't exist. If you order, be prepared to wait an unreasonable amount of time for delivery.

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