ABEO 24/7 Petra

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Womens Max Performance 2.0:}}:

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Best shoes ever real comfortable no pain! Please do not discontinue! Loyal customer !

Best walking shoe ever!

I have purchased two pairs of these walking shoes. They fit my feet perfect!! I was so happy that I finally found a shoe that I loved and were so comfortable to wear, even if it was all day walking… still no pain. Unbelievable that the production of these shoes will be stopped. What are you thinking based on other reviews as well. If you have a great product why change? It makes no sense. Both pair that I have appear to still be in great shape and hopefully will last since I will be unable to purchase again. 😩

Best support walking shoe EVER…

I purchased two pair of these shoes, and they are the best shoe that has ever fit my feet. I have no pain or discomfort what so ever. I can walk and wear these shoes all day without any discomfort. I am in disbelief at the thoughts that this shoe will be discontinued. I don’t understand why this would ever happen compared to the rest of the reviews of how this is an amazing shoe for so many people. Very disappointed! Please do not discontinue!!!

Had to order a full size smaller....These run big!

I usually wear a size 8.5 in athletic shoes so that's what I ordered. They were way to big, so I ordered the size 8.0. Those too were big, so I have now ordered a size 7.5, which is a size I NEVER order. Frustrating that I now need to return 2 different sizes. Other than getting the sizing right, they seem to be very comfortable and I am anxiously awaiting my size 7.5 so I can start wearing these.

abeo pro System athletic shoe

I’m SO DISAPPOINTED!!!! WHY DID YOU DISCONTINUE THIS AMAZING SHOE???? The ABEO PRO SYSTEM (Lite 20) I LOVE this sho so much!!!! It SO comfortable for walking, very light weight, SO soft! I walked in these shoe miles and miles while in my trip to Europe. And mind you, I have MAJOR foot issues. These shoes are so wonderful!! My feet never hurt, except of course after hours of walking towards the end of the day on some days NOT everyday, did they feel a bit aching. But nothing compared to what I felt with others shoes before. I DONT GET IT WHY COMPANIES GET RID OF THIER BEST ITEMS WHEN THEY WORK SO WELL!! Can someone please explain why?? Oh and another important thing, My shoes are WHITE!! I LLOVE them in White! I was told the Whole SYSTEM Line has been discontinued!!! WHY??? So when I called The Walking Company, the sales agent recommended the Petra line and the Discovery line. Discovery is out is stock at the moment and Petra is available, but after reading some of the reviews I’m not sure if I should order them!! I was told both shoes are NOT light weight! Which is SO DISAPPOINTING!! Because this was the beauty of the the Pro System shoe. The shoe read Lite 20!! PLEASE!! PLEASE BRING BACK THIS SHOE!!!!! The ABEO PRO SYSTEM Lite 20!!!! In WHITE!!!!!🙏🙏🙏. Thank you!

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