Mephisto Match

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Size: 7
Width: M
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Heavy, stiff and Awesome!

Why the heck does the description indicate "lightweight". The Match is like 20 oz each shoe! That's like the weight of two casual shoes! But heavy is good! (for many people). Plus this masterpiece of a shoe is as stiff as a board. That's great! That means it keeps the joints in your feet from flexing. Well, go talk to a podiatrist. Maybe I'm wrong . I'm definitely not wrong in saying this shoe is as stable as a tank! The quality is outstanding. The leather and color is top quality and it shows! No booby wears this shoe! This shoe is also the most stable foundation for the body. It's expensive in the US; about 40% less if you buy it in, or from, Europe but a great value for a lifetime shoe that keeps good health and makes you feel good. Oh, when walking with the shoe you might ask "Where does the shock go?". It's truly a marvel of engineering. Dare I say there's some magic here, too? French magic!

This could be the last shoe style and manufacturer you will ever use

I have worn brand For over 20 years. This is their best shoe. Sure you don’t want to take off at the end of the day.

Great Shoes!

Probably the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.

Got Satisfaction

These shoes satisfied my walking needs with comfort and felexability. Finally found a pair of shoes that I look forward to wearing. I will eventually buy the brown pair too.

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